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To make it easier to recognise where your client's, friends and family can reach you to look for all of your social and business links in one place, we are making it an effortless process for the people around.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy to set up the page with us; a user must continue the registration process by following some fields to get an account.

There's no cost to hold an account with us, as we are an open-source platform open for all.

The word "official" comes from the Old French official (12th century) from the Latin "officialis" The noun use of the original attribute is officialis. (Source: Wikipedia)
Official as a noun recorded since the Middle English period, first seen in 1314 (Source: Definitions.net)
It comes from the Old French official, Latin officialis, the noun use of the original adjective officialis from officium. The meaning "person in charge of some public work or duty" was first recorded in 1555.

Anyone can sign up with us. Let's say you are a teacher, freelancer, writer, doctor, or YouTuber.
Anyone can signup and start building their page, as beautiful and informative they can.

A user can link their Social links, about them, their website, and much more by selecting the option, What do you want to share?
To post what comes to their mind, such as text, image, video, web link, filter images, YouTube videos and a few more things.

The page with all information fed inside is better for sharing rather than sharing different web links with your clients, business connections, or friends and family.
The official.page is a home for your networks, which is just one click away from you, to get started.
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A web page where a person/company updates about their work, relative news, and daily updates on their own hosted website or any other public source can be called a page as an official page. If they present it as an official page, that means it's something related to them.
A person in charge of some public work or responsibility for updating official updates of an XYZ company on any web page could be an official page of them, where it's on a custom web page, or it's with any other public source. They can call it an official page of the company.